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What is Content Marketing? Well, there are a couple of variations of the exact definition of Content Marketing. However, I will provide what I believe to be the most accurate and closest depiction of what marketing in the digital era looks like.

Content Marketing is creating relevant and useful information for a select or grand audience using copy, pictures, meme’s and video with the intent to lead prospective clients to purchase your products and services. It is an extension of your brand messaging.

What is Customer Experience? Customer Experience is relatively a new term regarding the interaction between a client or prospective client and the company they are conducting business with. Previously, customer service was king and it was all about how the customer is always right and to make the buying process as painless as possible. However, just like most things in life, our approach to customer service has evolved into a more sophisticated approach in meeting the needs of our clients.

Customer Experience begins the moment a prospective client has their first interaction with you or your business. The experience can be online and or in person. Whichever channel the customer chooses to interact with you on, their experience will determine how well they’ll trust you and if and when they’ll decide to do business with you.  So, to get you started thinking customer experience, here are some transactional and practical ways a prospective client will experience your business and how you can wow them:

  • Efficient and easy to use online tools and service options e.g. online chat – customer service click to call – how-to video tutorials - email
  • Rich and value-added content e.g. copy with value and without the fluff – quality and detailed pictures – video with a pleasant spokesperson who can engage with personality and gain consumers trust and confidence.
  • Easy to locate and navigate site-map
  • Real-time response to product or service inquiries or complaints
  • Easy to access customer reward program with an easy registration process
  • Clear and consistent brand messaging across all channels
  • Consistent company contact information including hours of operation – location – pricing – phone numbers and email addresses across all search sites and company profiles.
  • Relationship building with relevant conversation to coincide with the buyer’s motives and needs.
  • Up to date customer reviews – testimonials and company awards and recognition.
  • Well-equipped and knowledgeable staff ready to assist and engage.

The examples given are some of the main entry points that your customers will choose to initiate contact with. It is in these areas where you can have a significant impact on the sales process and how you choose to engage and provide your clients with an extraordinary customer experience. Here’s a tip – earn the customers trust and you’ll gain their business. Delivery an exceptional experience and gain the business of their friends, relatives and other online consumers with their positive reviews. I hope these tips on customer experience and content marketing will benefit you and help you with the expansion of your knowledge and ability to cause exponential growth in your business.

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